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 is now accepting applications for sponsors! But why advertise with us?

Large Customer Base - We are home to the largest V6-exclusive F-Body message board on the Internet. With over a thousand members (growing daily) and fourteen individual forums, we are truly the V6 enthusiast's performance source. Our message boards are viewed over 200,000 times per day.

Specific Targeted Market - Banner advertisements can be placed at random on the individual forums or on a specific forum. If your company sells a nitrous-related product, you can have your ad on the Nitrous forum. If your company sells body kits, you can advertise in the Appearance forum. With a direct targeted market, you can be sure that potential customers in the market for your product will notice you.

Clean Environment - Our administrators and moderators take great pride in keeping our message board a clean and friendly place. No serious automotive enthusiast wants to spend time on a message board where swearing, porn, and childish horseplay are the norm. Likewise, no automotive aftermarket companies that we know of want to be associated with sites that have a reputation for these sorts of activities. If you advertise with us, we'll represent your business in a clean and professional manner. We take our site just as seriously as we do our cars.

Growing Market - Only a few short years ago, almost no one thought of investing in the V6 Firebird and Camaro models. But over the past five years or so, several companies have seen the V6 for what it was--an untapped market--and have cashed in on their growing popularity. Many people argue that if an enthusiast had money he/she would simply buy a V8 rather than spend money on accessories for a V6. While this argument sounds logical in theory, in practice it does not hold out. Most V6 owners purchased the V6 because it is cheaper, offers lower insurance rates, and is better on gas mileage than their V8 counterparts. However, this does not mean that the average V6 owner does not have cash to every now and then upgrade parts. If you don't believe that people spend money on the V6 platform, take a swing by our technical message boards and look at member's signatures. You'll see that the average V6 owner spends a lot more on upgrades and accessories than you might at first think. Just because typical V6 owners don't have the lump sum of money on hand to upgrade to a V8 does not mean they do not spend money on their cars. The market is there.

Group Purchases - Time has shown that in the automotive performance world, internet-based group purchases have benefited both the customer and the vendor. The customer enjoys the price break and the vendor gets a larger bulk sale. We offer all of our advertisers full permission to advertise and organize any group purchases they please.

Message Board Posting - Our sponsors have our full blessing to post about their business and products on the message board. When someone asks "where can I get such-and-such part?" you are free to reply with "we carry that for such-and-such price, check our link here".

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