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Here at we take great pride in running a clean and professional site. Our message board reflects that pride, and to this end we ask all members to please read and adhere to these rules and regulations.

The message board is privately-owned. Posting here is a privilege, not a right. We (the administrators and moderators) reserve every right to delete, ban, IP track, or otherwise dispose of bothersome members at the drop of a hat, with no explanation required. While this may seem harsh, if you post appropriately you should have no problems. However, come here with the intention of disrupting our friendly gathering area and you will find your posting privilileges taken away, or your IP address banned, or possible legal action; depending on the nature of the violation.

General Policies

  • You MUST show your valid e-mail address in your profile. If you do not, your posting privileges may be suspended or revoked. If you are worried about people flaming you via e-mail because of something you want to post, perhaps you shouldn't be posting it in the first place.

  • Title your posts properly. When you post a new thread, please state the nature of your post in your title so that people will have a general idea of what your post is about before they click on it. While this may seem rather obvious, we frequently have members title their posts "Oh my gosh you guys have to see this!" or something similarly uninformative that leaves the reader completely in the dark as to the nature of the post. Having seen many of these posts we felt this very simple concept warranted mention here.

  • Use common courtesy. Don't post anything that you wouldn't say to a person's face. Remember, people on our message board are human beings--not just lines of text on a computer screen.

  • Moderators have the final word. If a thread is locked or deleted, DO NOT start a new thread based on that same topic. They lock or delete threads for a reason. If you are curious what that reason is, e-mail that forum's moderator privately.

  • Advertising. The use of our site is open to all, but unauthorized advertising of a commercial nature is strictly prohibited. If you own or are employed by a V6 F-Body related business and you would like to advertise on our site, please go to for information about sponsorships. Paying advertisers are freely allowed to post about their products in any forum.

  • Spam. We strictly prohibit spam posts: unsolicited advertisements, usually having nothing to do with cars and usually posted in the Lounge. This includes "get rich quick" schemes and chain letter posts.


  • "Leg-humping". Though most are male, we do have female members. Please be courteous. Complaints of a sexual harassment nature are handled with the utmost of urgency.

  • "Will he beat me" posts. These DO NOT belong ANYWHERE. They WILL be DELETED. No exceptions. As will any KILL story - we DO NOT condone street racing under ANY circumstances.
  • Unsure of what is acceptable and what is not? Look over some posts for a while, read what seemingly well-respected members say, and use your best judgment. Common sense goes a long way on our site.

    Dispute Resolution Procedure

    If you have a problem with anyone (member, moderator, or administrator), above all else DO NOT post about it on the board! Issues should be handled in the following manner based on their nature:

  • If you have a personal problem with a member, please e-mail that member privately. Personal arguments on the board are not tolerated under any circumstances. If you are not mature enough to handle dealing with that member on the board in a civilized fashion then chances are you are not mature enough to post on the board in the first place. No, you're not going to get along with everyone--deal with it.

  • If you have a professional problem with a member, please try to settle the matter with him/her via private e-mail first. We define "professional problem" primarily as being someone in the For Sale forum who is behaving in an unethical way. If private e-mail does not solve the problem, please contact us with your statement of what happened, along with the member's username and member number. We cannot guarantee anything but we will attempt to help in any way we can. However, this does not mean we are in any way responsible for the conduct of members in the For Sale forum. Translation: if someone rips you off, it is not our fault, but we will try to help. Just don't try suing US--we had nothing to do with it.

  • If you have a problem with a moderator or an administrator, please try to settle the matter with him/her via private e-mail first. If you feel this is unsuccessful, please contact us with a complete description of your concern and with links to specific posts made by that person, if possible. The conduct of our moderators and administrators is strictly enforced and we take member complaints in the highest confidence. As long as you are polite and professional in your complaint we will attempt to arbitrate the problem as best we can.

  • Specific Forum Concerns

  • General Tech vs. Advanced Tech. The Advanced Tech forum is archived, meaning every post ever made is saved. As the names imply, Advanced Tech is for in-depth technical discussion whereas General Tech is for everything else. Only modification-related topics belong in Advanced Tech, any repair or maintenance issues belong in General Tech. Before you post in Advanced Tech make sure to use the search feature to see if that topic has already been discussed. If you post and notice that your topic has disappeared, check General Tech. Topics that are moved from Advanced Tech to General Tech are deleted in the former.

  • With all that said, common sense and common courtesy will be your strongest allies here. Happy posting!

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