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Administrators was founded in March of 2001 to create a central source of technical and performance information about the V6-powered Firebird and Camaro. The Modifications Encyclopedia and Technical Database were actually the cornerstone for the site and existed in rudimentary form long before we launched the Message Board. Though the site has grown at an exponential rate, the original intentions remain the same: to provide a haven of accurate V6 information for members and visitors. As part of our disclosure policy we invite you, the enthusiast, to get to know the Administrators.


Robert Cornell aka FirebirdGT Owner of, site of the Technical Database and Modifications Encyclopedia. Educated as a mechanical engineer, previously held a National level SCCA racing Technical Inspectors license (1976-1979). Has an extensive collection of GM F-Body technical documents, specializing in 3800V6 information.

Steve Miller aka TealV6 - Owner of, site of the Message Board and master of all things internet. It is thanks to his tireless behind-the-scenes work that the Message Board can handle the 125,000+ web hits per day it receives without overloading. Also works extensively with sponsor relations.


In addition to the Administrators, the Moderators aid tremendously in the administration of the Message Board. Without their help the idea of having a smooth-running interactive site would be but a dream.




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